Amber Edwards-Lanier Huntsville, Alabama Alabama


My husband and I knew of Amber since college years. At times, we would greet each other at the mall where she worked. In January of 2012, she was going through a divorce. She gave my husband her phone number without my knowledge and she played the damsel in distress card. || I did not find out that they were talking heavily until May 5, 2012 when they planned on watching a big boxing match at a local restaurant. I confronted my husband about Amber and he promised to not to see her. I forgave him back then because their relationship was not sexual. After the confrontation, they have not stopped being involved with each other and it has become sexual. I have been dealing with the affair ever since. I have confronted them both numerous times. My husband tells me that he does not want to lose his family and that she means nothing to him. I asked for a divorce and he begs me not to get one. However, he is not willing to stop dealing with this homewrecking b**ch! || I have spoken to Amber and she tells me that she is innocent as long as he initiates it and everything that she does is legit!! She is crazy! On her Facebook page she always talks about how she serves and loves God! She is deceiving everyone! How can she live for God when she is having an affair with my husband! May both of their Sins be exposed!!

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By Ronald

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