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Email titled: An error occured: Your account required to Update! January 03,2020- Case ID: PS8125SI quickly read the email at first and it took me to amazon log in. It actually appeared as if I was signing into my amazon account. Once I thought I was signed in, it wanted me to fill out all of my personal info, address, phone #, email and then my social security #?!?!? I immediately stopped dead in my tracks, deleted everything I had filled in and went back to the attachment that was sent. I then re-read the "Summary Account" and noticed many grammar errors…including the spelling error in the subject box. I quickly realized where they "get you" at the bottom by telling you: "If you are unable to complete the verification process within 24hours, all pending orders will be cancelled. You will not be able to access your account until this process has been completed. We ask that you not open new account as any new order you place may be delayed." I haven’t even placed an order since before Christmas.After seeing this, I decided to log into my Amazon Account by going to the official website. I looked at my profile, nothing looked off and I did not see any alerts to act now or my account would be locked.Hopefully this helps others. They have gotten really good!

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By Ronald

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