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I’m a seller and someone ordered a laptop for $653.49 on Feb 12, 2013 from me on Amazon. It was sent to a home residence in Miami, FL and delivered by Fed Ex. There was a tracking number, which proved the parcel was left on his side doorstep. Three weeks later, buyer contacts me several times and claims the item was never delivered, though he had the tracking number. He charged back the laptop on Amazon on March 13th and Amazon gave him a prompt refund. Amazon has done this before, screwing over sellers however they can. A buyer disputed the price of a cell phone so Amazon let him have a free phone at my expense. When I started selling in the fall, Amazon suspended my account for 3 months and held onto $3200 of my funds for no reason. I am taking legal action if this is not resolved. I filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Washington State BBB.

Seattle, Washington United States of America

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