Amazon Fraud Dept.


Rec’d an email from [email protected] that stated I had ordered a 77" Tv and a Tv accessory totaling $6102.89. Email had a phone number provided if I thought purchase was fraudulent. Called number & was told 5 3rd party people have compromised my amazon account through Game Stop. Told me to correct the situation I must leave my house immediately and purchase a Game Stop card for $200 and scratch off to reveal a 20 digit code which I must then tell him on phone. He stated only if I did this would the fraudulent transaction be erased and my amazon account be secure. Heavy foreign accent. He provided me with the last 4 digits of my debit card and the exp. date. I challenged that this is a scam and he stated I can call any number for amazon and will be told the same thing.

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By Ronald

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