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I applied for a job with Amazon Flex Advertising Logo. They sent me a check to logo my car, I deposited it and then they said to take my cut and send the rest of the money to pay for the person who was going to wrap my vehicle. It sounded suspicious so I look it up on line and I came across a website about car wrapping and they explained this very scam. Supposedly, when I send them the money to pay for the wrapping with money out of my checking account the check they sent me will bounce. I asked them to prove to me that they were a legit business and they just kept avoiding the question and started to pressure me to send them the money and started threatening me about calling their legal team on me. I just kept asking them to give me some sort of proof that they were a legit business and I would gladly give them back their money. They however are still trying to intimidate me and saying that it is time sensitive. I called the number which is just a cell phone # and the gentleman sounded like he just woke up and definitely answered the phone like he was just sitting at home and not working at a business.

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By Ronald

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