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Amaze Solutions have a service, or “gig” on the site Fiverr, they claim to provide targeted traffic, but in fact it is a very well conceived scam, it is almosty perfect, really, 99% of their buyer don’t realize how they are being scammed. I have a site (won’t divulge due to privacy issues) which sells kinda rare products almost everyone wants, it was getting like 50 visitors per week and i was selling to 10 of those visitors (20%), but it wasn’t enough for my business to prosper, so i decided to try buying traffic services and boost my sales, my products are wanted, i just needed my site to have more visitors. | I ended up on buying a gig from a seller named Amaze Solutions. Their gig claims to provide around 100 targeted visitors everyday for a month for just 5$, so i bought it, i found it strange that they declared the gig delivered after only 2 days, but i gave them the benefit of the doubt. | The analytics in my site were showing about 100 visitors each day, like they said, but i was getting no sales at all, in fact my bounce rate was climbing, and i know that is just not possible with the products i was selling, it was like people would enter the site, stay on the page for 50 seconds and just leave with no interaction, it seemed mechanical to me. | After some digging on the web, i came across a forum and was discussing with a user the details of that gig and the traffic i was getting, when he said that the gig characteristics matched the features of a traffic exchange site called, namely the premium traffic pack. He suggested to check out hitleap and even install their traffic exchange software just to see how well it matches the traffic i was getting. So i did it, it can be used for free, i installed their software and let it run. Just after less than 5 minutes, i got surprised, my site just appeared on the screen and stood there for almost a minute, I WAS RIGHT, AMAZE SOLUTIONS IS NOT TARGETING INTERNET USERS, THEY ARE SENDING FAKE TRAFFIC THAT COMES FROM AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC EXCHANGE PROGRAMS, at least they are using, but i think they may be using several parallel similar services. | I tried going back to Fiverr and reclaim my money back, but because they have declared the gig as delivered and more than 3 days have passed since, i could do nothing, i only left the feedback allerting other users the traffic was fake. But peopl├že become so thrilled with the (fake) traffic they just don’t care. | That is why i’m exposing the scam here, if you go read their guide in, you’ll notice they were very cautious to circunvent the hitleap traffic weaknesses, i won’t go in detail here, but summing it up, they make the buyer believe that direct traffic with a bounce rate near 99% and visitors that stay less than a minute is a good thing, and if the buyer isn’t getting sales it’s because their site isn’t functioning well.


Name: Amaze

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 500 North Michigan Avenue

Phone: (312) 767 5620


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