Amanda Rossiter – Beware! Dressage Trainer Goes After Married Men New York


She had an affair with her saddle fitter whom she knew was married. When he tried to break it off with her, she kept threatening to tell his wife until he would come back again. She proceeded to sell saddles to her customers for the saddle fitter and collected the money in forms of checks that were in her name and then cashing the checks and keeping the money. The company had no way of knowing this nor ever received the money. The saddle fitter and her did this together stealing from the company. She knowingly made plans to marry the saddle fitter and was sleeping with him over the course of a year, making plans to marry, stalking his wife on facebook, making fun of his wife, who owned the company they were stealing from, and sending nude pictures of herself to him and sexting all their sex positions and things she liked to do do to him sexually. The wife found out by finding the cell phone they used. They are both terrible people. She called the wife terrible names such as the “C” word many times in the text even having never met her. Also, she was sponsored by the company that the wife owned as well. SAfter the wife found out and she had said she would have no co tact with the husband, she was calling the husband non stop one night. The wife called her on the husbands phone and Amanda talked to the wife on the phone and screamed and shouted a her, called her the “C” word and the “B” word many times and made up horrible lies about the wife because the wife had found out about some rumours about her, (which the only person she told was the husband), which clearly were true, and was angry and decided to get back at her. Amanda Rossiter not only sleeps with married men and tries to break up their marriages, she also is comfortable stealing from and using and taking from a company that sponsored her as well. She is not to be trusted nor is she an upstanding citizen. Horrible woman. Steer clear!!! It has been like a horrible movie scene with her. Never ending drama. Calls the husband when she has been drinking. Texts him also. She wont stop and leave them alone.

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By Ronald

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