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Meet Amanda Nieznanski, the homewrecking whore, mom of 2 boys, and wife of a deployed Marine when the affair began to take place. It’s taken me a long time to write this. It’s been only 3 months since I left my husband after he told me he was not sure if he was still in love with me. We had just had a beautiful baby girl just 2 months prior. Frank was a personal trainer and he met Amanda because she was one of his clients. Most of his clients were women but when he came home and talked to me about her I instantly felt that there was something wrong. He told me that her husband had recently deployed to Afghanistan and that she asked him to train her at her house instead of at the gym. He would also tell me that she was really flirty, telling him how much of an amazing trainer he was. He has a training page on fb and she would post pictures of herself”training” with her hair down, low-cut shirts to show off her fake breasts, and booty shorts. One day she went to the gym after her lip augmentation which I remember my dear husband laughing and telling me how ridiculous she looked. Guess he didn’t mind it too much though. || When he got into his job, he promised me that he would drop any client if they were inappropriate with him but instead he started to flirt back. Most of his texts were from her, day and night. Sending him progress pics and asking him about meals. He already spent most of his time at the gym while I was home taking care of our 4 kids. Our fights were about him spending all his time at the gym and none with his family. Even on his days off he would go with his buddy fishing because he needed his time while I was left to take care of everything on my own when I had just had a baby. I was in the military and only chose to get out because he was”going to take care of us” while I go to school like I did for him the 5 years we were together. Instead, he tells me he is no longer in love with me. || I texted Amanda and asked her if she was having an affair with my husband. She denied it and said they were strictly professional lol wow…he told me he needed time to figure himself out that he didn’t know what was wrong with him. So I moved to TX with his promise to follow us once summer was over so that his clients could find a different trainer. Not even a week after I left I found out he was at her house, and spending all his time he claimed he didn’t have for his family with his whore. He went on a road trip to Charlotte with her and left my stepdaughter with a friend over the weekend. Weeks after that another road trip, this time to Raleigh oh and in my Acadia that I got for our growing family by the way…Still he denied up and down that he was sleeping with her, they were just friends. I knew better. || He called me a few weeks ago asking me not to divorce him that he missed me and our kids and to send him money so that he can move from NC to TX to be with us because he was fired from his job for not bringing in any more clients and had no money left. I don’t know if me messaging all of his clients to expose him and the homewrecking whore had anything to do with his job loss or just plain karma. I’ll take either one. I told him to go ask his whore for the money. Her husband is back from deployment, and thanks to me knows the truth yet he is trying to make things work with the trash he married. My dear husband is still in NC hoping and waiting for his mistress to choose a jobless, single dad, with no money, no credit, over a Gunny in the military. RIGHT! Who would pay for her plastic surgeries then? I am secretly hoping she will choose Frank and regret her mistake for the rest of her life. Trash deserves trash. || I hope you read this. Enjoy the worthless slob that will never be faithful to you just like he was never faithful to me even after all the love and support I gave him when he had nothing. Now, once again, he has NOTHING. Have fun supporting him and our kids since he will be paying me child support and I’m sure he will just live off of his”disability”. Why work when he can just find women dumb enough to fall for his lies so that they can support him? PS DIVORCE WILL BE FINAL THIS MONTH

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