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She is in the US Army Reserves. She and my husband work together at the unit in Missoula MT. On July 19th, 2014 my husband left for Annual Training in California. He was to be gone for a month. On August 10th, 2014 I learned that her and my husband have been have been sleeping together and developing a relationship for the entirety of their stay in California. My husband begged and pleaded for me to stay with him and stated that he had broken up with her. || Upon his arrival back into Missoula, I learned that he had not broken up with her but continued to sleep with her the remainder of the time. My husband and I live in Bozeman MT which is a 3 hour drive from Missoula. The weekend after he got back from California he said he wanted to drive up to my hometown, where I moved upon finding out about the affair, to see his 3 month old daughter and to talk to me in person. When the time came for him to make the drive he informed me that he would be staying in Missoula with this woman instead of seeing his daughter or facing his wife. She, who is sworn to loyalty and honor and integrity, and to protect her country from all enemies foreign and domestic, has convinced my husband to leave myself and his 3 month old, at the time, daughter with nothing to be with her. || She is now 4 months old. || They both say that they are not in a relationship which has eliminated all chances at there being any consequences through the military, but the phone records I have pulled for evidence in my divorce have proven that they are in contact more than anyone else in my husbands contacts. My husband is equally if not more to blame than her, but any women with that little self respect or respect for marriage has no business in the military. || They are still seeing each other but will swear that they aren’t. It’s too bad you can refute phone records and witnesses who have seen them together in public. She is a homewrecker but my husband seems to think that she won’t just turn around and do exactly the same thing to him. That is his choice at this point. He has made his bed and so now he will lay in it. People associated with this woman have said that she has a revolving door to her room when those military men come around once month for drill. It’s too bad he chose to throw away everything for nothing.

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