Amanda Hyatt Morris – You think you’re the only one… she hides her crazy from who she is with Texas


Of course, being the last person to know, several years ago, she tried to ruin my marriage, (not only mine, just ask me) singles me out like I’m the one who did something wrong, her family and friends of course take her side. To this day, she drives around where I work and live two or three times a week just to cross paths with me for a few seconds. She and other females pulled into my driveway in a white Hyundai and other times a black Chevy truck and stopped outside my home and blabbed off, yet she publicly states I stalk her. She befriends people from my past. I could write a book of the past several years, just from people informing me about what she asks about me. Jealousy is like a cancer and it is eating her up. So now I can expect the usual retaliation. To think she is now married and still so ate up with it.

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By Ronald

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