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OK, so I have been with my live-in boyfriend for 3 years, and we have a five-month-old son. He has had issues with sexting other women in the past, but we tried to move on because we were both guilty of going into grey areas with other people. I learned my lesson, apparently he didn’t. || Fast forward a year after his last slip-up, and he gets a text at 4 am. I check it, and it’s a random message from some girl. I call her, tell her to lose the number, and confront him. I find out the next day that he has also been texting and seeing this fat bitch Amanda that he knows from work. I normally wouldn’t place much blame on the”other woman,” but this cunt KNEW we were together and saw me at his job (a bar, of course) all the time. She saw me up there before and after the baby, with the baby, and coming to eat with him. Her line?”He said y’all were just living together for the baby.” Umm, no. How dumb do you have to be, even if he did lie, to believe that? The proof is right in front of your Jay Leno-esque face, and just because you wanted him to be single doesn’t make it true. || So, she denies it was sexual (as does he), but come on. Texts about her wanting him in her bed, and underwear left on the floor? She had the nerve to ask me to help her clear up her reputation at the bar over this issue…well I’m not exactly concerned about her feelings and reputation at the moment. So, her desperate, lying ass is getting posted here, and his ass is on the street tomorrow. I want a better role model for my son than that loser and whatever rancid skank he decides to pursue. My issue is the bitch knew better. Either that, or she’s seriously fucking stupid. I’m insulted that he chose to go after someone so unattractive…I was in better shape than her 2 weeks postpartum. I have no clue how old she is, but by the looks of her, 35+.

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