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The homewrecker is an ex-girlfriend of my husband’s from high school. She and him reconnected again on Facebook after I was set for my hysterectomy back in December. They began text messaging each other and sending messages through Facebook. Well one thing lead to another and they began meeting up with each other in February. This keep going on until I became aware in March. Once I found out my husband advised me that he was moving out and taking ouR oldest son with him. I was letting him go but I wanted to know where my son was going to be. When he told me that they moved in with her I was heartbroken. || Well needless to say our son was back to live with me after a day and hubby was back a couple days later. He realized that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side! She continued to text him after he came home wanting to meet up. I finally had enough and confronted her on the phone advising her to leave him alone because we were trying to work things out and her response was if I was any kind of a wife I wouldn’t need to worry about it. I told him it was either her or me and the family. He chose to stay right where he belongs with his family and wife! Our daughter had even contacted her during the time she was texting him after he came home and asked that she stay out of it because we were working things out. She told him she didn’t want the kids to hate her because she was a homewrecker. They had intercourse twice while he was gone. (Removed)

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