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My dryer quit working properly on Thurs July 2. It would tumble for a little while with no heat, then stop. We called Amana, they made a service appointment for Wed July 8, as Wed is the only day they service our area. n2 hours before the appointment they called to reschedule for the next Wednesday. On the 8th a repairman came out and asked what was the problem. We told him it would not heat maybe it was the dryer element. nThe repairman said, let me check something. He opened the dryer and said the mother board was fried. He said he didn’t have the part on his truck and he would be back next Wednesday to replace it. nToday at 3 oclock we called Amana service to see why they hadn’t shown up yet. They said they needed to reschedule. We asked what the problem was and got put on hold. When we finally got to talk to someone, (after being switched to several people and put on hold) the woman who answered hung up on us when we started complaining. nWe kept calling back and got hung up on three times. We finally spoke to one man who said, look, that part is on back order, we don’t know when it will be available and there are 258 people ahead of us waiting for the part. nI asked why are they making appointments to replace a part they know they don’t have. I got no answer to my question, just apologies. I will never buy an Amana product again. It is obvious they know there is a problem with the dryer. My dryer is 9 months old and lemon #259. nJanienNashville, GeorgiaU.S.A. Benton Harbor, Michigan U.S.A.


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