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The end of 2013 I started dating a guy named James. Our relationship was going well and we were very happy. Shortly into our relationship I found out I was pregnant (my 2nd child, his first). He was ecstatic, cried when I told him. We started talking about marriage, our family we have started together and our future. However that did last long because just about a month later him and I started having relationship problems. Couple months into 2014 his sister in law introduced him to Alyssa Lynn Santos who is 10+ years younger than him. She knew who I was, she knew James and I had a baby on the way and she jumped at the opportunity to ruin a family. || Even when James and I were talking about working things out and taking things one day at a time for our family she still pushed to be with him. Nothing bothered her about being with him. Not age, not the fact he was having a baby with another woman.. nothing. Instead of walking away she chased. This sorry excuse for a woman ruined a beautiful family. She came in when things were rough and kept pushing relentlessly till she succeeded. What kind of woman goes after a man knowing he has a child on the way? What kind of woman dates a man the woman she hates already dated and is having a baby with? A spiteful woman. A woman with no class and no respect. A woman with no morals. Alyssa Lynn Santos is not a real women.

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By Ronald

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