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Always Deals sells through the Newegg website. Newegg has always been good so I ordered a used MacBook from them. They sent a dead computer then when I asked to return it they made no offer to pay shipping so I had no choice and sent it back paying $18 to do so, then they said they would have sent a return label but now they couldn’t reimburse me for returning it. One person on the phone said she would send something to make up for it, but they never did and they still refuse to reimburse me for the $18. Do not buy from them, you can’t trust them. Newegg should ban them from their site.


Name: Always.Deals

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Avenel

Address: 2323 Randolph Avenue, Unit 4

Phone: 877-254-6155


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By Ronald

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