Altitude Sports Ontario Review


Just had an awful experience dealing with these guys. I’m a long time customer and placed an order for a coat last week at a decent deal. They sent the wrong size and that’s where things went south as it was the last one. I offered 2 alternatives, they get the same jacket in the right size or sell me the new model at the same discount it’s a specialty line and I phoned the manufacturer as permission is needed to discount this product. The manufacturer gave permission and at that point Altitude Sports absolutely refused to do anything further in this matter. Not sure why “I”” had to make all the phone calls to straighten this out BUT I can say I will NOT spend a cent there again and people should think twice about dealing with a company like this. Nowadays with so much online competition a little good customer service goes a LONG way. As usual it’s a lot cheaper to keep an existing customer than try to get a new one. All thgis over a lousy few bucks.”

4140 Saint-Denis St. Montreal, Quebec Canada

1 800 729-0322

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By Ronald

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