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Complaint: We are building a block house in Northern Arizona. My builder ordered Alpine Windows from the local manufacturer located in Yuma Az. The first problem was that half of them had frames that were bent and the windows would not only not fit in the spaces but would not open at all. We sent those back and waited a full 6 weeka before we got word that they were being replaced. Then when we were installing them we realized that the company did not have a recommended installation for vinyl windows into a block house. After a couple of months of going back and forth with the building inspectors and every person we could reach at their various addresses, we are giving up and returning the windows. It will probably be a long time to get a refund but this is preferable to waiting and having to replace them as they fail. After a little research on the computer about Alpine/Alside windows, I already know they will fail and I don’t want to create a mold problem in my new house like so many other people are experiencing.

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Address: Yuma, Arizona USA



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