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After visiting Alphabet Academy in Northern Liberties I was disgusted. The owner does not return calls, she also lost my paperwork. While visiting the daycare all the owner did was ignore me and shuffle through a giant mess of paperwork. The front door was unlocked the entire time I was there. Angela, the owner, left me sitting in a chair while she ran across the street to pick up a fax. She said she couldn’t operate her own fax machine. She once again left to check on the infants and toddlers across the street. As I sat and saw what was going on all I saw were workers yelling at kids, threatening them. School age kids were running in circles hitting each other. The kids weren’t split up by age. 9 year olds were mixed in with toddlers.They were all crammed together in the back of the room. The owner came back and asked a worker to turn the air conditioning higher. The answer was, “I already turned it up you just dunno how to listen.” The owner let her employee back talk to her and said nothing. There were no books, papers, crayons, bulletin boards, or play areas. No instruction ever went on at all. All of the toys were dirty, and broken. The floors, and tables, were dirty. The kitchen area was disgusting and the kids ate frozen food from the microwave. After eating they sat in a dark room and watched tv. The teachers sat doing nothing. I decided to come back on a Saturday and the exact same thing was going on. One worker was in the back with Nickelodeon on. It was a nice day and kids were again sitting in the dark. While Philly is full of horrible daycares run by rich people driving Range Rovers, this one takes the cake. Oh, yeah, the owner is rich and drives a BMW. The owner cares about 1 thing only, MONEY! If you want your pre school kids to learn nothing send them here. If you want your baby ignored send them here. If you want your school age child to run around hitting other kids send them here. What goes on when you leave your child late at night or overnight? No one is there checking up on the employees. The owner of this facility should give this up. This is a cheap holding pen,not a place for children to receive an education. This place needs to be shut down!


Name: Alphabet Academy

Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

City: Philadelphia

Address: 1020 North Marshall Street

Phone: 267-239-0596


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By Ronald

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