Alpha Fitness Wear Alabama Review


I had applied to an add on instagram about them asking for athletes for their company. After they texted me regarding the opportunity they asked how many items of theirs I had. After i mentioned that I had one they replied back that they are only considering people who have more items and I could buy 6-8 items right now and still be considered. I had been traveling for work and unable to reply. Remind you it had been less THAN 24 hours since I had replied. This afternoon I received a text from the company again that said” “”Ive been quite patient in waiting for a reply for you. Should you not have the basic respect to reply to this message

please understand that it is my duty to remove and replace you as well as alert the industry to ensure that no other major brands have their time taken by you again. Understand that this is in absolutely no way

shape or form a threat

to be clear but an agreement put into place bey the owners of the largest apparel and supplement brands in the entire world to ensure situations such as thesse do not occur again. More so this is without question the greatest opportunity you will ever receive from an apparel brand in the fitness industry. That is of course a fact

not an opinion. Please have the basic respect to reply by as soon as possible. STAY far away from this company. They kept pressuring me to buy more clothes and when I did not respond to that text

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By Ronald

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