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Complaint: I received two calls, one from Brian Jordan at 360-519-1953 and William Turner, 954-692-1341. I called the first number and no one answered the phone, it just rang. I called back and a foreign male answered the phone. His accent was of someone from India. He stated he had the last four digits of my ssn, but never was able to give me the reason for his call. He wanted to know my name and I refused to give it to him. He would not state the why I was being called. I asked for the name of the business and he advised that the name was Allstate Legal Services. I asked him for the address and he stated he would not give me his address because I would not give him my name. I advised that I could get the address and he said get the address and told me to have a good day. These people are using cell phones with different numbers and if anyone they call gets suspicious they just throw them away and get other phones with different numbers.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: , California United States of America



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