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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years. He has been working at (removed) for about 3 years. We have two beautiful boy’s and we were really happy. Or so I thought…… || In March of 2014 I discovered a disgusting conversation between him and this whore he worked with. I confronted him and of course he told me how much of a mistake this was and how sorry he was. We decided to try to stay together. I then continued to find that he was texting her and talking over Facebook. Again he was remorseful and wanted to work things out. As the months went on and I discovered he was again talking to her and seeing her at work. I tried to change the things he said were wrong and I worked hard to help our relationship, however he continued his relationship with this sorry pos. I sent her a message and was told how sorry she was and how she knows how it feels to be cheated on….yet the whore kept trying to get him to come to her house ( which she was successful and he did go there). || After constant fights and 5 months of working on it he lost his job (because of her) and they couldn’t see each other how freaking sad. I was reading messages she sent him, messages about how much she cared for him ….it made me sick to my stomach. This f**king bitch ruined my family….Stole my boy’s family. She destroyed our relationship. Not long after he was fired the whore started f**king another guy they worked with….figures…

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