Allied Express Moving & Storage Beverly Hills California Review


Allied Express Moving and Storage located in Canoga Park, CA along with their representative Tony Ouzo or Tony Ouzounian were very convincing with all of the promises of superior service that they would provide in my long distance move when I was bidding to move. Throughout my correspondence leading up to signing the contract Mr. Ouzo assured me his company was the “best”” service out there also stating they had moved celebrities with very expensive furnishings therefore we should entrust his bid for our business. I thoroughly investigated this company via online to ensure that the obvious was intact- such as current licenses with the regulatory agencies


and insurances. I also did research online to ensure there were no complaints filed with online reporting entities such as this one. Nothing was found therefore I contracted with Allied for my move. Tony requested a complete itemized list of items that would be included in the “”order for service”” to ensure that my fear of being famously “”gouged”” would not happen. The contract was signed


and I kept track of all documents and correspondence. Two weeks go by and on the day of my move

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