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This is a company uses or recommends on their website. I use Priceline all the time. It is a good service. The problem came into play when I knew there would be a possibility of cancellation so I used the Allianz travel insurance recommended on the Priceline website when I booked and paid for a room over a month in advance. Well, I also got cancellation insurance for a rental car booked through Costco and the airline tickets I booked through Allegiant Air. You see my father is 87 years old and he had fallen months back, had surgery for a broken hip. He has been under doctor’s care and had a personal assistant come in to help him rehab. Evidently, he has not come along as far as the doctor had wanted him to and we were told he could not be left alone. The trip was not until Labor day weekend 2017. The doctor said he cannot and will not be able to function by himself by then. So we cancelled the flight, cancelled the car rental, no problem. We got in touch with Allianz and they said if dad ain’t near death, they would not cover!!!! We cancelled this trip or tried to weeks before it was to happen. Allianz is not a good company. Buyer beware. I told Priceline about them because I don’t feel they should be doing business with a company that conducts shady business. You will not get your money back if you go with Allianz. They are deceptive and dishonest. Their standard operating proceedure is to find out a way not to pay. Shame on them. Do not use this company. You will be sorry. Get travel insurance but not with them.

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