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I created a same-as-cash loan through my audiologist to Allegro Credit. I made regular monthly payments, and then at the 6 month mark, I requested a payoff amount. They refused to refund the interest amounts for these six months. | Allegro Credit claimed the audiologist created the loan incorrectly. After many contact attempts and phone calls (Ruby Myint, & Bianca) , I still cannot get this problem resolved. First, Ruby tried to create a second loan correctly with the Audilogist, with the correct payoff amount. When I went to pay off the second, corrected loan, I was restricted from making the payoff payment. | The original loan was never closed out. With two loans outstanding, I demanded resolution. I called daily to get action on this condition from 24 June 2019 through 5 July 2019. Latest person to offer help from Allegro is Alicia Stevens. Still waiting on a resolution, which has now taken over a month (second loan was created on 13 June 2019). | Their contract states in section E: “Refunds- you may pay the total unpaid balance on this contract at any time. If you prepay this contract in full, you will be entitled to a refund of the unearned Finance Charges. Your refund, if any, will be less a minimum Finance Charge of $5. | You will not get a refund if the amount is less than $1, except as otherwise required by applicable law.” The intent is still there- pay the balance in full before the end of the term to receive a refund of all finance charges, minus a $5 fee.


Name: Allegro Credit

Country: United States

State: California

City: Burlingame

Address: 1350 Old Bayshore Hwy Suite 200

Phone: 1 800-644-8494


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