It all started with a Radio station called 92.9 LA POPULAR offering if you knew the answer to a question. They said you will win a vacation package. If you knew the answer they will give you a number to call and claim your prize. at that number they will tell you you had one a trip to Orlando (Disneyland) Las bahamas, las vegas etc., We are a family of five so they told me their packages are only for 4 people and if i needed for 6 people I will need to pay an adjustment fee of $ 281.00 plus tax and other charges for a total of $ 327.00 and they charged them to my credit card. I was supposed to receive a package of a codominium for 6 people for 4 days 3 nights in orlando florida. 3 days 2 nights at daytona with 2 free tickets to the daytona race and all that was inclusive in the package. I was to call when I was ready with the dates to make the reservation. When I tried to call them their 1-800-939-4577 number was no longer in service or the phones were discontinued. I tried to report them to the BBB and I just asked for a refund of my money. However after going back and forth with the Better Business Bureau I got a response saying that the company was still there and the vacation was available and no refund will be issued. The same day I received a phone call from the above company telling me that the packaged was still available and that if I wanted to re-instate the vacation package I had to just pay another $ 75.00 I was still upset from the outcome and I told them I will have to see if we can afford to pay extra fees for something I had already paid for. I made a mistake of not writing and keeping a note of their new phone number. On 11-30-10 I received a call from 407-670-0543 calling me about that so called vacation package and they told me all I had on the package to enjoy. But they also told me I only had until December 12, 2010 to use it otherwise it will expire and if I wanted to extend the dates I needed to pay another $ 198.00 and they will keep it open for another 18 months. I told him what had happened about the promise of the other person who had told me that if I paid another $ 75.00 they will extend it and that I will just need to let them know when I was ready to travel and take advantage of the package. He said You know what the other person may be at customer service. “I’m just here to make money

lots of money”” At that time I just told him that I will report them to the BBB and that He and his company could get in trouble and I was not about to give them more money and that I will see what I needed to do that I was not going to loose my money just like that and I hanged up the phone. I was not happy as you can imagine. I hope someone gets a hold of them so they stop stealing money with their vacations scam!”

825 BRICKELL BAY DR. SUITE # 246 Miami, Florida United States of America


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By Ronald

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