All Season Weatherproof Coating


The next day he approached me and wanted to fix my chimney, clean and oil back porch (deck) seal coat drive, all labor all materials included with 4yr guarntee and would do all this for $600.00 then he verbally told me he would tack up my fencing around my deck (was coming loose) ask me to give him a check for $600.00 he went to bank cashed same day within thirty minutes. I have called numerous times and was told they were on their way, after about the fourth time of him telling me they were on their way I was screaming at him, he hung up and I have not seen hi,. My daughter also called him and was told he was coming out last Saturday would me here by noon. Once again he never showed up. I cannot get a hold of him becuz he won’t answer the phone and all the work was paid for in advance because he was practically crying when he ask me for the money and I fekt sorry for him. (What a stupid move on my part) | This man and his company ripped me off for $1000.00 he was suppose to seal my driveway, fix my chimney,put a coating on my foundation, put linseed oil on my deck (done on half of deck) fix my concrete front porch, tack up the fencing around my deck nor will he will not answer his phone. Cash was given to him for $400.00 and a check for $600.00.

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