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I initially contacted Dannys Carpet Cleaning to have 2 carpets cleaned. One was a 10 ft x 2 ft hallway runner and the other was a 20 ft x 10 bedroom carpet. When the cleaners arrived, they estimated a cost of $225. I declined the offer and they reduced it to $150. I accepted that. After cleaning the carpets, I gave them a check in the amount of $150, made out to Dannys Carpet Cleaning. They asked that I replace the check with one made out to Green and Clean which I did. I then asked for an invoice and was told that they would mail one to me. Over a week has passed by and I never received one. I then checked with my bank it was told that they had deposited the check to the account of All Green Cleaning Solutions, Inc. I did note that when they cleaned the carpets, their cleaning hose had rubbed against the stairway posts which left gouges which needed to be filled and sanded before painting. I am definitely dissatisfied with the service and highly recommend that the All Green Cleaning Solutions not be selected for carpet cleaning.

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