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I filled out a loan application this morning to this company online. Within the hour a man with a very strong accent had left me a voice message say he had received my information and that I was approved for the loan and repeated this number 226-336-8345 twice and said his name was John Baker. The number showing up on my phone was saying it was coming from Kitchner Ontario. At supper time I called that number I told the man who I was and I was returning his call he got me to go over my banking information when I wasn’t sure on something he got angry at me telling me if I wanted the money I needed to give the right information then he asked me if I new what pay power was I said no but does it mean giving a fee upfront then he got very mad at me wanting to know if I thought they was some kind of a scam and was demanding me to tell him who told me that I said no one told me anything like that so could he explain what he meant about pay power cause I didn’t understand what he was talking about. He then calmed down and proceeded to tell me about this Reload Pack Card I could purchase at this store where I live he even knew the name of the store for me to go he wanted to know if I had money in my bank or cash cause it was going to cost me $250 +3.95 I said I had cash so he told me to go right down and get it then call him so I could give him this number off the back of it and it was only for him to prove to the credit bureau that I had money to get the loan for $5000 considering I was approved for $50000 even tho he asked me my credit score and I told him it was no good. He then kept telling me that I could then take that card the next day to the bank and get my money back none of this was making sense to me so I told him I would go get it tomorrow then he got mad again telling me he wanted me to go right then I sad sorry but it will have to be tomorrow he said all right but just remember I have your information and just remember your the one wanting money so the sooner you do this the sooner you get what you want and hung up on me. That’s when I started searching the web and looking further in this and now I feel like a fool cause I think I’ve been well scammed and scared to death about my finances.

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By Ronald

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