All County Contractors Inc. – 3 Months Behind/ Lazy Contractors

They charged me around $20,000 to remodel my kitchen. They failed in every aspect, and I am still dealing with the repercussions of working with them. I made the mistake of paying it all up front.Disappoint started with the demolition and breakdown of the kitchen. They got out of control and ended up damaging the living room. For, that was more work and an extended deadline. They had to shut off the water for most of the project, of course, so my house was not liveable in the meantime. It was truly frustrating. We had to wait and rely on these contractors that we came to realize di not know what they were doing. They work their own carpenters, which was a bad idea. They gave me poor quality and ugly cabinets that I did not approve of. They are still working on the countertops which I have had to tell them to replace twice already because they put cracked marble on the island the first time, and the wrong color the second time. They were just trying to rush and get it done, but what they delivered was poor quality and ended up setting themselves back. It has been 3 months and I still can’t live in my own house!

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