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I was completely used and fraud-ed by Jesse James Chalmers of All Cities Construction when I first met Jesse he seemed to be an honest and up front guy. But after watching him on my home was surprised to see the way he really does business. I watched as he tore shingles from my house and then tried to convince me that it was like that from storm damage. Then he proceed to have me fill a claim with my insurance company stating he could guarantee he could get me a new roof and siding. He even said he would pay my deductible and give me a bonus check if I would agree to his terms that same day. nAt no time did I feel comfortable with what he was telling me but was pressured into following through. He stated he had been doing business like this for a long time and this is just how the insurance game is played. After talking to several neighbors and a friend who used his services decided not to allow him to back to my home. After calling him to discuss my concerns he flew off the hand cursed me out and told me I was an idiot and I just didn’t understand how things were done. nI WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AND WILL LOOK TO SEE IF THERE OUT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MORE HOME OWNERS

13416 Hanson Blvd. NW Internet United States of America

(763) 862-9021

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