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Eric Fowler A/C Contractor who responded to a service call for a leaking A/C which damaged the carpet. The problem was a hotwater heater. Eric stated he can take care of the repairs. we agreeded to $1200.00 which includes the purchase of a new hotwater heater, the removal, and installation in the attic.Also the repair of the ceiling. | April 26,2017 is when this transaction took place. The client didnt have hot water. I called Eric, and no respones. I hired a plummer who said he forgot to turn the valve on. $40.00 charge Then my clientg siad the breaker tripped the breaker. I called an electrican, who said when installing the hotwater heater the tank had no water which resulted in the elements to burn out. $250.00 The electrician replaced the elements which cost $ 275.00. | I asked Eric for thr reciept from Home Depot. He stated he lost it. Which means I couldnt take the unit back to the store. | And I had to pay the carpet guys 350$ | Eric wouldn’t take my phone calls, or correct the problem. | Eric is a license contractor which saddens me, that he came highly recommended, and all he has done is create a larger bill!


Name: All American Standard Home Services LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Tampa Bay

Address: 11016 Golden Silence Dr

Phone: (813) 922-9020


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By Ronald

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