Alison Wilson Cheaters


One Day I woke up had a feeling at pit of my tummy that my husband wasn’t being faithful so I got up checked our cell account and found Alison Wilsons number. I messaged her on my cell and she said she didn’t know he was married he said he was separated and complicated . Okay never met this one. When I reversed phone number on spokeo I saw he name Facebook and she had two kids. I have kids and as a single mom I gave her benefit of doubt that she really didn’t know and told her to please refrain from contacting him. || So a week goes by and I get that feeling to check his phone (damn smart phones). He downloaded an app called kik and was messaging her there. Now she knows we are married with kids and continued to send her ugly fat vagina pics to him and pimple ass shots off her taking a dildo and her pepperoni nipples. I was dumb for believing he would stop but she was the homewrecker and continued to show him her ugly body, saying how she loves it in the ass and how shes wet for him and him continued with him wanting to bang her ass hard and so much more. Fool me once I can forgive, fool me twice and life’s a bitch!

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By Ronald

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