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This woman’s name is Alisha Niederklopfer she is 32 years old with no boyfriend no husband and no kids.She lives in Redsburg WI her address is 2015 Viking Dr. Reedsburg. My best friends husband met her at work she is a bartnder.When my best friends husband started working their everyone knew that he had a wife who was pregnant and was engaged to be married.This one had even asked him when he was getting married. One day this Alisha gave her number to a gay guy to give to my best friends fiance.this started towards the middle of November. So this went on he would go over once or twice a week to her apartment. She had told him she would not tell anyone, and if his wife were to find out she would help him to care of his kids. This women went to the limits of sending her husband a facebook request he excepted it. His profile picture was of him and his wife his album pictures were of him and his wife and had pictures of all family events!. So the next following month they got married. This women would still text her husband to come over, he wouldn’t even answer her texts all the time so she asked him he wouldn’t answer her all the time he said he was with his wife! Still tho women did not get the point! he did not see her for a while until 2 weeks after they married. Might i add this women was the maid of honor in her sisters wedding which wasn’t to long ago. My friend had decided to go to her mothers which is in another state so her mother could help Care for her first child. || My best friends husband told his manager whom is his good friend that his wife went to her mother to have their child. Some how it got around at work and this women found out. So she would text my best friends husband tocome over more often, she even asked him to spend the night with her a few times. He never did he would go fuck her and go home. I dont see how this women could be so low to ask a married man with a pregnant wife at home to come over Does she not have any morals! Anyways in january around the second week this women called my best friends husband on a day she one he had off and she asked him if he wanted to go with her to a state 3 hours away she needed to go do something.they left here around 4 in the afternoon she got a hotel room. My friends husband stayed in the room while she went to go run errands they ended up staying Minnesota and coming back the next morning. This women paid for everything that night also drove their and back! Just how desperate was she. I am not saying the husband is not at fault.When they go back my best friends husband had given her 100$ he felt bad for. My best friend had her daughter towards the end of January after he daughter was born he stoped talking to this women. My best friend came back everything was fine. One day her husband got a txt from this women telling him he was worthless and she hated him!? Which is really funny coming from someone and knew he had kids and a wife!. My best friends husband came back from work one day and told his wife he had fuckedd up and he told her everything. He said that when his daughter was born he stoped talking this women he was crying he said he knew his wife didn’t deserve it he doesn’t have a good reason for cheating and he didn’t know why he did it. So then my best friend knew about it and she stayed with him. When his daughter was born he deleted this women of his facebook and stops talking to her. My best friend had came back when her baby was 2 weeks. When my best friend came back and he told her everything i would go to work and would come back and tell my best friend that this women would still ask him to come over and he would ignore her he said she would get mad at him but then ask to come over the next day again. My best friends husband told this women that he loved his wife and he loved his daughter. That his wife did not deserve this. The women get mad at him. So towards the middle of march this women came up to best friends husband at work and told him she was pregnant and it was his and she wanted him to be in her babys life. First of all this women must of been really desperate to go up to a marry man she knew was married and had kids to ask him to be her babys life!! What a ratchet women. Anyway he did not believe her but he told her he wants nothing to do with her once again he told her he loved his wife and daughter! That night man was on his way home from work . And im not sure if i mentioned my best friend called this women from her husbands phone at 12pm and this women answered what probably true to be a cute voice as soon as my friend started talking this women hung up my friend texting her telling her things that this women was. So her husband is driving back from work. And this women is mad because she thought that being pregnant by a married man he would stick around. I don’t thought hoes knew that doesn’t work! So she started tryin my best friend saying she was pregnant by her husband and they went to minnesota together and that he had told her he loved her.Might i add this was a affair of less than 3 months. She had a picture with my best friends husband he wasn’t even looking at the camera when she took the picture it was the only one she had and sadly kept in her phone. What a low life. She went it to my friend sadly this women did not know her husband had already told my best friend everything. My best friends husband told his wife he never told her he loved her. He said she wasn’t even good looking . Might i add that she blocked my bestfriend and hr husband from facebook then unblocked them.So time pasts and this women turned out to be pregnant she would post pictures of her pregnancy all proud which i thought was hilarious what a dirty white trash whore! My best friend sent this women a msg on facebook one day talking shit to her … funny thing is his women told my friend to get a life my friend told her thats what she should be doing.this women had told my friend that she had driven her cars. My bestfriend confronted her husband about it and he swears on everything he loves that he never let her and their cars he said she wanted to get into his newer car and he told her that was his wife’s! She still didn’t get the point that she was just a whore and was not respects in any way. So this women i told my best friend she wanted nothing to do with him blah blah when her husband was the one who had cut it off and she was mad about it! So this women had her child and not less then 2 months she goes to court house to file to get a paternity test done! This women is probably the saddest person i have heard about. Even if this child turned out to be my best friends husband they still plan to be together they have already talked about it.i dont know what this women thinks this will do he doesnt want anything to do with this child even if it is. She will not recieve much at all in payments for childsupport she will not have his name on her child’s birth certificate. My best friend and i just laugh at this women and how desperate she is 32 and probably stayed pregnant With this child because shes getting old and has no spouse and lives alone. My best friend and their husband plan on staying together and moving forward. As for this child and her mother i know that child was not a fault but the mother knew what she was getting into when she started texting a married man! So i do not feel bad in any way, When her child gets old and ask why she does not have a father her mom can tell her it was because she was a thirsty whore who thought this married man would fuck with her forever, and thought that telling him she was pregnant with hiis child he would leave his wife. No honey people make mistake as long as you understand your a mistake!! This girl does have a facebook its under alisha niederklopfer! Might i add her sister and mother do not even post pictures of this child they are both married!!!

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