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My father and mother were married for 35 years. I was scheduled to have a major surgery the Tuesday after I found out. We were all a very close family. My dad was a recognized and respected member of the church and very respected at his job. My parents were happily married and did not have any major marital issues. My mother had nearly died from having cancer a year earlier and was still recovering from chemo. She had several cantaloupe sized tumors removed from her abdomen. (This was actually her second bout with cancer). My mother is the least selfish person I know and so happy and giving and caring. She works hard to please others and be a good wife and mother. My dad told her 2 days after her birthday that he was having an affair and wanted a divorce. We had no idea anything had been going on. My mother had no idea anything was wrong with them. Her and my dad had been closer than ever since her cancer. They would take extravagant vacations together and spend every day together and study the bible and such together. He became someone else. Well after he told everyone he was leaving, he had a major come to Jesus with himself and decided to stay. He cut off all communications with the other woman and said he was happier and relieved to have it out and gone. He felt better to be moving forward with my mom. The other woman, Alicia, had been texting him all week trying to get a hold of him, he wouldn’t respond (which we know from texts). Well that Friday she sent him a picture of herself in a dress that she wanted to wear out with him and lured him back. They worked together which didn’t help. Apparently she enjoyed finding someone that was a supervisor at work that could provide her with lots of money I guess. She didn’t mind tearing up his family. She didn’t even encourage him to mend with us. Instead, she talked trash to us and about how selfish we were as kids and how he deserved to do what he wanted. I guess without any regard to the rest of the 15 of his family members. || We went through so much pain with my mom throughout the next few months. This woman had no problem rubbing it in our faces. She worked with him and my husband also worked with them at the same place. My husband had to face them everyday and she had no problem giving him looks and making it known that she didn’t care what we thought. She had no respect for my mother or us as the children. My dad was lost and wanted to stay but wouldn’t even try because of this woman. My mom begged her to step back so they could try to work things out but she wouldn’t. He ended up taking Alicia on a vacation the week of his and my mom’s 35 wedding anniversary. Talk about torcher for my mom. It was horrid. The sad thing was that throughout all this he would pawn my mom off on everyone else. Never would admit he was wrong. He called us at the beginning of it all and said he wanted space from us and needed to have no responsibilities for a while. We gave him that space and a year later he hasn’t initiated one conversation with us. We all sat and talked to him for hours one night and we did all the talking, he didn’t say ONE word. He had every chance to try to talk to us and explain and didn’t do anything but prop his feet up and act like the high and mighty that could do as he pleased. || During the affair she took over my mom’s brand new minivan as her own. She would leave all her things in the van when my dad drove it to work. WIth no regard to how my mom felt. The van was bought after my mom’s cancer for her to drive the grandkids in. Alicia homewrecker also had no problem coming into my mothers house where us kids were raised. My mom went by one night (after she moved out) and wanted to talk to my dad and she was there in my mom’s bed. The bed she was sick from cancer in, the bed where their grandchildren had once slept, and the bed they had shared for 35 years. This woman had no respect for another woman’s home. NONE! No one should ever dishonor someone else’s home like that. It tainted so many memories. It was as if she was at her job looking for someone. My husband says she does that, she hangs out with all the guys and flirts with everyone. She loves attention. Grow up woman! || This woman had every chance to leave. She had every chance to encourage him to stay. He had a grandbaby through this that he has only seen two times since birth, a grandchild he has never met or asked about, and a grandbaby on the way that he doesn’t even ask about either. He doesn’t even want to know who is the one having the grandbaby. The world revolves around him and this woman. The woman who tore up our family. Homewreckers have the power to encourage them to stay and to encourage them to mend with their children. Instead she talks bad about us still to this day and we have never even met her. She doesn’t care that he hasn’t met his grandchildren or hasn’t seen the others in over a year. They don’t care about anyone else’s feelings but their own. Selfishness is all that is involved in affairs. This woman had no problem tearing up our family and ruining my mother. My mom would text her and she ignored all her texts and just did as she pleased. She was so disrespectful to our family. || I can’t stand what she has done to our family. My dad is not completely innocent in this but she had every chance to stop it. Alicia Vuong lives in Red Oak, Texas now with him and is from Florida. She is currently married as well. All she likes to do is act like a teenager and dress like one. She hangs out with all the guys at work and loves attention. She is a very high fashion only person who will do anything to get her way. || My mother on the other hand, has never had anyone who didn’t like her. She is very involved in church and supportive of all those around her. She is the least selfish person. She was always making meals and desserts for him for work and supported him being away for work and playing softball. She loved him dearly and loved him hard. They had been together since she was 13 or so. She is still struggling with it as we all are. So hard to lose someone like this.

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