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Last January my son was killed when he had to cross 6 lanes of highway on his way to school. Of course this completely devastated me, I completely shut down and didn’t want anything to do with anybody except my daughter. I sit everybody out and completely turned cold towards every one. My husband and friends were trying to be there for me and I appreciate that, but it never crossed my mind that my husband needed me to be there for him as well. I held so much resentment towards him and myself. Fire a year all I could do was think about that morning and had my husband of got up and took my son he would still be here. I now know that isn’t fair for me to blame him like that, because if he would have known he definitely would have took him. So while I was acting like a raging b***h to him and not being the wife I should have been, he found that a coworker was willing to be that listening ear. Now before I go into this, I want everybody to understand that I am not making excuses for the cheating. My husband began talking to this coworker a little more than he used to; she was the listening ear I should have been. As time went on, they began hanging out after work. Now I know it isn’t fair to blame the “other woman” because my husband allowed it to happen. However, my blame in the situation towards Alicia Martinez comes from the fact she knew he was married, she knew what had happened to our son, and that my husband was just looking for someone to talk to. She works at Walmart and is apparently friends with the right people, that when she couldn’t get my husband or his friends at work to give her his number, she went to personnel and got it from her friend out of his files, along with mine. For a couple months he was getting random text messages saying I was cheating on him while I was at work. Mind you he comes to my job at random times to visit me. We finally changed or numbers and obviously the messages stopped. He didn’t want to believe it was her at the time, but can see now that it was. Now the relationship part of this didn’t start until the very end of 2015 and ended April 2016. || Once everything came out I had to make the decision of whether to stay or leave. This is the first time this had happened and we have been together 17 years. I didn’t want to just throw that away and neither did he. So we talked about it off and on for a few days and decided we still loved each other, we just need to work on us. Everything was quite and things were going good, then, wouldn’t you know it surprise, she’s claiming to be pregnant. So when she tells him this he offers to get a pregnancy test to take and she says no because it could come or false negative. He asks her to go to the doctor and get one done and she agrees. He tries to keep in contact with her throughout this to find out if she really is pregnant. Ironically, she got an appointment that day for blood work. Supposedly, they called her later that evening, around 6:30 pm, to trek her it was positive. She messages him to tell him this and he says can you give me the paper from the doctor, her response was they don’t give you a paper anymore. She then decided to go to my job and tell her friend, that was training at my store, that she was pregnant and wax going to keep the baby because he would have to be in her life another 18 years. || Yes, she really did say that, I heard it on the video when I came to work the next day. Anyways, to make this short, she eventually told him she thought she lost the baby and haven’t heard anything else about this. Here we go again, she is trying to find friends to go with her to my store while I’m working to stir up drama. Now mind you, this whole time I have not went into walmart once while she is working because I know my mouth and my temper. She eventually finds the person dumb enough to do it. My husband calls me to tell me she is there so I go to my store and tell her she needs to leave; there is no reason for her and her assistant manner to have a meeting in my parking lot. Well the assistant manner, still in full uniform, comes flying around the vehicle and proceeds to use her body to shove me. So now I have leverage to have both of them trespasses. She continued to ride past out house and if any of my friends or coworkers go in Walmart, if she’s with her Captain Save A Hoes, she feels the need to run her mouth. My biggest issue is she is trying to make everybody think she is the victim. All I get is crap about me being dumb and weak because I decided to stay with my husband. You know people make mistakes all the time, but it’s our decision on whether you forgive that person. I really don’t want any negative comments, because trust me I’ve heard enough of them. I love my husband and regardless of what’s happened, I know he loves me. I just want her and her stalking a** to go away.

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By Ronald

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