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I have been married for over 10 years to my soon to be ex husband and in 2013 we we’re going through a rough patch like all marriages do. I went out of town for the 4th Of July Weekend to visit my best friend like I occasionally do. When I got back my husband was acting very strange and secretive and what not, but I was still upset so I didn’t speak on it. || So one day I went through his phone and found naked pictures of Alicia in my husband phone and text messages that she sent him and he was doing the same! I heard a voicemail that he didn’t even know that he was recording his conversation with Alicia. In this conversation he was telling her that he was going to file paperwork and that he was leaving and so on. She was replying with oh I don’t want to get caught so on and so forth! So this bitch knew good and well he was married, and so make things worse she had a man she was cheating on as well. I found this tricks number from the text messages and confronted him and her. I told her if she didn’t leave my husband alone I was going to tell her boyfriend. I made him tell her he was done! Months later the bitch is back!!! More text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls (she changed her number), secret e-mail accounts you name it they was doing it and I found out everything. This how nasty the bitch is she was driving her boyfriend to work and having my husband meet her at THEIR house and they were having sex in THEIR bed and he would leave when it was time to go pick up her boyfriend from work! This whore had balls. Once again I called make the threats and him tell her to get the fuck on. || Me as his wife tried to save our marriage vowed to fix it and what do you know 7 or so months go bye and this stank bitch is back! After the first time I stopped sleeping with him and when I would it was with a condom. So one day I get a call from my husband saying he has an STD and I need to get tested!!! So that day I went got tested and I was clean and I went back 3 months later still clean which I knew I would be because I wasn’t sleeping with him unprotected. You think it stopped this nasty bitch?! Nope but it was an eye opener for me I am done and they can keep passing their STD to each other. Alicia Duncan is from Columbus, Ga but has relocated to San Diego. Ladies if you see this STD having bitch grab your man and ruuuuuuuuuun!!!

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