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My boyfriend Tariq is in the military we have been together for five years. I love him even after everything he did to me. When he was stationed in Korea this b**** a** little girl decided to take him out and get him drunk. Naturally they slept together. Tariq and I got over that I forgave him, like an idiot. It wasn’t just one time for them this went on for pretty much the entire year he was there. like I said earlier though I forgave him. We planed to work everything out when he came home.A few months later him and I were doing amazing and he went to his second duty station in fort campbell, Kentucky, while she went to fort lewis, Washington. I thought this was the end of their little game. I was wrong, completely wrong. She went on claiming to be pregnant, from one of there many sexual encounters while in Korea. She stalked me on Facebook and texted me all the time. she even went as far as calling my boss to try to tell him that I was the crazy one, when it was all her just trying to steal my man.I am almost one hundred percent sure the b**** is lying seeing how she won’t even let him do a DNA test she just claims he is the only guy she slept with. He told me he doesn’t talk to her anymore because she lied about sleeping with a lot of other men while she was in Korea and she is a drunk among multiple other problems.She very conveniently lost the baby, I don’t think she was ever pregnant.Somehow she ended up getting stationed in fort campbell she probably sucked a few d**** to get that station for herself. He avoids her and she is just obsessed with him. to the point of following him around base and trying to go to his job and talking to him. She is crazy.She tried sending an over edited pics of herself, like all her photos she looks like a f****** monster without makeup, you can see from the pics.Him and I have worked out our problems and are trying to move on from this, even with her trying to make it difficult it will never keep our true love from always coming out on top. Every relationship has its ups and downs, ours has had a lot, but nothing we can’t work through together. And nothing a good restraining order can’t fix.

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