Alexander – Miller & Associates – LLC – Alexander – Miller & Associates – LLC Debt Collection Extortionists

No one likes debt collectors. No one likes hiring them. No one likes calls form them. No one likes them. Period. Even if you need to hire debt collectors for your business… it’ s never fun. We were referred to Alexander, Miller & Associates, LLC from a friend who said they are the best at what they do and are pleasant to deal with! HA! They literally are verbally abusing extortionists who turn on their clients if they don’t get what they want. Yes, you want your money owed, but you don’t want to be on the other end of their insane belittling tactics even when you are a client. WE FIRED THEM. WE have never been treated as bad as they have treated us and we were PAYING THEM. We read reviews about them from people who were called by them to collect debts, and my goodness, we have never felt as bad for those people as ever. They are inhuman and the worst kind of scum. Avoid working with these people!

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