Alejandra Alvarez Los Angeles, California California


I’d like to nominate Alejandra Alvarez for skank award and being a homewrecker. She’s consistently calling my husband at wee hours of the night. Exchanging inappropriate pictures, texting, skyping, FaceTiming him at 1-2-3am. || We have a 10 yr marriage, an 8 year old daughter. Thanks to skanks like this, relationships are hard to maintain. In ALL the men in the city of Los Angeles you had to go f**k with a married one?! Shame on you. Karma is a bitch, just continue to celebrate your Whore award! Not once since I discovered her B**ch Skanky ass has she had the dignity to apologize, nor give an explanation to her inappropriate behavior (not that there is an excuse). Carry on you skank.

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By Ronald

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