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I gave $795 as a security. According to paragraph 6 I had 15 days to take ownership of the property or send a certified letter stating I will not be taking ownership of the property. I sent a certified letter 3 days later saying I was not going to take ownership of the property. I called to check the status of my refund. I spoke with Rose who is in charge of rental issues and she states my lease does not say that. I asked if she wanted me to read it to her she said no because she was not in office. I’ve called and went to the location and Rose is never there and is always too busy to talk on the phone. I’m so disgusted with this company. They don’t uphold their part of the lease agreement. It’s almost like they try to force you to take ownership. But I have not and still will not take ownership. I’m getting a lawyer. Because this company refuses to hold true to their contract. They are thieves and will get their punishment. Vengeance is mines says the Lord. You reap what you sowe. .

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