Alaysha zorehkey – Thirsty for married men Missouri


She is a sad piece of trash, I think any woman who KNOWINGLY goes after a married man is the most hellish skanky thing you can do. This b1tch goes after my husband after she moves here from Las Vegas to live with her boyfriend and sucks my husband’s d1ck in his home. Then tried to carry a two month relationship sending videos of her nasty self to him which I caught. Then a month ago tried to reach out to him AGAIN . How thirsty you got to be to go after someone’s husband of 12 years….. Girl go show your nasty videos to someone else. Don’t they know all they are is a temporary thing, you think he’s going to wife you up with that that nasty sh1t you bring to the table. Go on move on with your life, ruin someone else’s life.

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By Ronald

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