Alana Love Schwan Williamsport, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


I was working in North Dakota to support my family and Alana decided to have sex with a man named Harold Houck. This started August 17th of 2012. By September 27 2012 she decided to tell me she wanted to getseparated. She denied having any extramarital affairs. Once she realized the cash stopped flowing she decided to file for divorce. || Christmas Day 2012 she abandons my daughter and says she has to go to work so I gave her an hour head start and I drove to the location where my friend said she would be parked and sure enough she was parked behind Harold Houck house and the lights were turned off. I took a couple of photographs of her vehicle as evidence to be used in court and then I went home to my children. || A couple weeks later she finally brought him to our old house with no shame. She denied he was a boyfriend. Two months later she moved him into my old house. Once he realized that I would end up with my children and she was going to be collecting no spousal support and no child support he decided she was a losing proposition and he left her.

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By Ronald

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