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My cousin was wrongly convicted of a crime he did NOT do! He hired Alan Buttell and I went with him to the appointment. I told my cousin NOT to hire this fool. Alan Buttell made all these promises of what he would do. | He said he would be able to get witness statements and prove he is innocent. He said he would be able to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanors if not dismissed entirely. He said he would take it all the way to trial if he had to! My cousin gave him $9000 to do his case. | I doubt it so I went home and looked this joker up. Alan Buttell Esq. represents people in divorce, civil and criminal cases !!!! I mean for real ! Why would you hire someone to do a criminal case when he sits in family court twiddling his fingers? | I told my cousin all of this and he went to talk to Alan Buttell to get the retainer back so he could get another attorney that handles criminal law. Alan Buttell said he would not return all of his money, that he would only give him back $4500 because he already spent time meeting with him and made 2 calls to witnesses!!!!! | This is was UNREAL! He was going to keep $4500 for a “free consultation”!!! My cousin ended up keeping Alan Buttell since half of his money was gone !!! Alan Buttell ended up NOT taking his case to trial, he made him take a pleas and he IS DOING TIME FOR A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT! | I file a complaint with the State Bar. DO NOT HIRE HIM! He is unethical and lies just to get money from you ! BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE HIRING THIS CORRUPT ATTORNEY! | It was not until after my cousin when to jail that I looked up Alan Buttell’s reviews. Reviews on yelp show he has stolen from others also!!! | | I saw on Yelp others want to file a complaint against him. | His bar # is 3031 and address is , 702-319-7800. You can find more info here | | HOLY CRAP-a website for attorneys that is highly rated shows he is a sleazy amongst colleagues and more clients!!!! This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. | | Peeps complaining about his con artist ways. He is *RACIST* ! That would explain everything. Man I wish I had read this before I let my cousin hire this dude. | | sleazy lawyer


Name: Alan J Buttell & Associates

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas

Address: 611 S 6th St

Phone: 1 702-319-7800


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