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7/2/13 Al & Ed’s Huntington Beach, CA. Went to have them install an ipod adapter in my vehicle. I wanted to purchase the device from my car dealer and bring it there to install. I was told their device does ALL the same things I want(control it from my steering wheel) and it is cheaper. Come in for my appointment. I was told “Come back for instructions””. At this point I knew there might be a problem. Really? I have to drive 50 miles again because you don’t have time to do what you are supposed to do? Or is it you don’t want to? Or did I just get ripped off? Call the manufacturer to ask about their device and didn’t get a lot of help. Make an appointment to go back yesterday since the ipod is discharging Among other things

I don’t have a charge in it to use it and I was told it is my ipod! My comment was so when I go to Apple they are going to tell me it is you. He told me to go to the 3rd party place across the street. I said no (knowing it is not my device. He tells me to control the ipod from the ipod(not my original goal and what I stated DAY 1). I go to use my AM radio yesterday to hear the pregame and I have static on EVERY AM radio station. Then he tells me he will give me a warranty! A warranty for something you say is correct to begin with? Sorry

I KNEW it is not my device

but how YOU MISWIRED IT. Now I have to spend my time to find out who owns the place and all the drama to get it fixed”

Beach Blvd Huntington Beach, California USA

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By Ronald

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