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I was sent an e-mail by Brian Weston, representing Akron Main Center Sales, saying that he was aware that I own a timeshare unit at Atlantic Palace in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He wanted to confirm that this is so, so I replied that I own an every other year studio unit in white season.A few days later, he sent me an offer to purchase. I phoned him for details, as I wanted to be sure that the buyer was aware that this was an every-other-year studio. He said that this was so, and that I just needed to pay the costs for title search and taxes. I was instructed to send the money by Western Union transfer. He explained to me that Western Union deals with people who are verified (or something like that0 and that they don’t deal with scams. Stupid me, I know nothing about Western Union, so I believed what he said. I sent $175.00 to the lady, Gail Marcotte (in Daytona Beach FL I believe). She was supposedly their agent who handles the paperwork. He said that their organization had various offices around the USA. I checked their website, and it had great testimonials, one of which was from a Canadian.I was sent an e-mail shortly after, asking for my street address for sending the paperwork. I sent it to him by e-mail and heard nothing, so I phoned him and he said that I should have received something saying that the paperwork should come on December 1. A few days before, December 1, I sent Mr. Weston another e-mail, as I had heard nothing and he impolitely replied that I was supposed to wait until December 1. I reminded him that I was supposed to have received some sort of confirmation of payment and that the paperwork was coming December 1, but had received nothing.December 1 came and went. I tried to phone Mr. Weston, and had to leave a message. The next time I phoned, December 4, the message box was full. The phone number of the business is a Google number, so I did not bother to leave a message. E-mails to both Mr. Weston and to Akron Main Center Sales have been unanswered. Yesterday, I saw that the website had been deleted.

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By Ronald

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