Two Parts to scam: Breeder and Shipper.Online Craigslist Bulldog "breeder" was offering dogs at 1/2 price with free air voucher. Said they were in Pittsburgh area but could use local Craislists sites. Was able to respond with additional photos and video of puppy. Calling always went to voice mail. Email responses always late at night. Said that a new litter coming in was forcing the sale. Steps 1.Responded to online add, selecting a puppy. 2. They draw you in by asking you via email questions like "if the dog causes $600 damage what would you do?" To give the impression that they are concerned that you are a caring potential buyer. Asks if you owned bulldogs in the past. If you have dogs now. 3 They send a contract 4. We paid (they wanted to use Zelle, Cashapp or Moneygram) sending back a filled out contract 5. They indicated they would ship out the next day and would email contact for shipper. 6. Said it was important to follow shipper instructions and to get reference number. 7. Their correspondence had occasional grammar errors.Shipper sends out partial information (i.e, when the flight will arrive but no flight number or carrier). Shipper says the breeder shipped the dog in a wooden crate and that legit travel case would need to be "rented" for $30 but you have to give a $1,000 refundable deposit for its use. Shipper /Breeder sends you a picture of a receipt that has current information but uses a fake airline. Receipt looks legit. Has "United" on receipt along with "A Star Alliance Member". Shipper says they deal with Delta and United but do not have exact flight info. Shipper has number but when you call it is a private person (you can hear home noises in the background). Broken English.Steps 1. Shipper sends picture of receipt the flight number but no carrier name. 2. Shipper follows up with email about crate being insufficient for travel and to send $1,000 that will be refunded after delivery. 3. Details are a bit off like the time of the flight (and with missing carrier info).

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By Ronald

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