Airstream Heating Industries Ltd. Complaint


Airstream owner Ed Michaelchuk told me he does not charge a service call charge. He said his workers would diagnose the problem with my furnace very quickly and I would be charged for any new parts plus installation I needed for the repair. His guy found a very simple fix and no new parts were needed. He charged me $240. He said it was for the standard $120. service call charge and the another $120. for ” furnace inspection”. When I told him that was not my understanding he called his boss, Ed Michalupchuk. Ed proceeded to yell and scream at me over the phone, telling me, “of course I said there was a charge” and accusing me of not paying my bill. He was very rude and wouldn’t let me get in a word. His worker was embarrassed and apologetic but could not do anything about the charges. This sort of practice is clearly dishonest and Ed desperately needs some instruction in customer relations. I feel I have been conned and clearly ripped off. I tried calling the business the next day. Ed was not in and I spoke to his wife. She refused to adjust the charges also so I am hoping that people read this so they know what they are dealing with with this company.

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