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Air Rescue Air Conditioning, Inc. Air Rescue I trusted my air conditioning service company until they gouged me by selling me a new unit at almost twice the price under false pretenses and installed a smaller unit then what I paid for. Tampa, Florida | A service man from Air Rescue Air Conditioning (Tampa, FL) convinced me that because he was partial owner of the company, he could give me a great price on a new A/C unit. My old one was 11 years old but still working fine. As “partial owner” he gave me a price of $7747. He said he would throw in a free programable thermostat, a new cement slab for the A/C, a one year contract in their service club and they would clean all my air ducts(he claimed a $1400. savings). Which I have not had done yet. | My neighbor was here also as he gave me this “great offer”. He promised me a 25% savings each month on my electric bill. To be honest, I thought it was a super price as I had no idea how much a new unit would cost. I truly trusted this guy as he claimed he was a partial owner in this 62 year old business and I had been using this company for the past 7 years. How could I go wrong. | The next day, my new A/C was installed. Within 2 days, I was already having problems with it. The noise from the heat pump outside was deafening. They replaced part of it with no charge. | Within a week, I started seeing ads in my newspaper from numerous A/C places advertising much cheaper rates than what I paid. I noticed on my contract bill that the company had a price guarantee. So I called 4 different companies and gave them the exact model numbers of the units installed in my house. Every single company came back with rates of about $4500. That was a difference of $3247. I politely sent a letter to Air Rescue notifying them of my find. I also notifyed my credit card company where they held back money to the company. | To make this short, I was just told by Discover Card that Air Rescue is denying my price match because my receipt of the price match did not state the new company has drug free employees!!!! (Air Rescue claims this alone is worth $3000.!!!!!) | Now I am mad, I also noticed on my contract receipt that Air Rescue was supposed to install a 15 SEER unit. Guess what? My unit is 14 SEER. I called the air conditioning manufacturer and asked them about this and was told the model I have is definitely a 14 SEER unit. So now is this considered FRAUD? | Upon my many calls to Air Rescue to try and get my refund, I was told that the service man who sold me the unit is NOT a partial owner but just an employee!!! | So now I feel I have been taken by false pretenses of an employee and by fraud by them not installing whast I paid for and by them not honoring their own guarantees.


Name: Air Rescue

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Tampa

Address: 1429 Massaro Blvd

Phone: (813) 321-0446


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