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AgoraMarkets is an online-based trading platform that is fully operational 24/7. The investment firm is accessible for use by both institutional traders and private investors across the globe.

Investors receive top-notch services from professional experts within the niche who aim to skyrocket your profits. However, in this unbiased review, we highlight their credibility.

While trading you are promised expert guidance in every process to help in lowering risks. grants several benefits to its clients such as available online hence no unwanted downloads.

Your accounts are fully managed by the alleged trade experts and withdrawals are instant. The platform is safe to trade and features ease of access to suit your needs. 

Ponzi schemes will always promise top-notch services yet without proof there is always a hidden agenda. However, there are legit tried and tested forex trading firms that will generate reasonable returns on your investment funds. Review assures client’s funds’ safety by storing funds in segregated accounts. Investors also get to receive news and updates and the funds are only used for trading purposes. 

Once the trade is completed you will receive profits based on the company terms and all liabilities will be sorted with professionals. The company brags to have a well-established structure of operation consisting of brokers with experience in the market.

AgoraMarkets Review, AgoraMarkets Company

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AgoraMarkets alleged group of trained experts has no verifiable backup and does not make any sense. Moreover, this is just a marketing strategy to get clients into falling for the catch with an attempt to swindle your money.

Nevertheless, all trades feature risk management policy and they allow all trades within CFD/Forex. The platform is well planned yet there is no credibility to recommend their services to investors

The company gives you an opportunity to make your money work for you. Scammers will always use attractive returns with exactly no strategy of reaching the same amounts.

How Does AgoraMarkets

The company boasts partnerships with various companies. However, scammers are well known for claiming endorsements by famous companies.  These allegations are however false and just an attempt to lure you into depositing funds in the accounts. 

Nevertheless, you will only be making the anonymous owners rich when you fall for their catch. Most companies that provide forex, crypto, and commodities service but do not reveal information on owners are rarely profiting.

AgoraMarkets appears to have a hidden agenda and exposes several scam traits that should be seen as red flags to avoid any dealings with the company. Therefore not only will you be risking hard-earned cash but your personal data may fall in the wrong hands.

Trades are easily comprehensible featuring clear risk/profit ratios. The platform has the vision to offer traders safety while investing. To come up with the prices they use the most sophisticated technologies that are also applied in trade executions.

AgoraMarkets fails to prove their credibility despite all the offers they promise traders. There is no evidence to show that you are dealing with professionals.

Investment Plan

AgoraMarkets has 4 investment plans that you choose to invest each offering various investment offers. Silver plan minimum deposit is $10000 and includes leverage of 1:200. This plan allows up to a 25% loan margin.

Investors also get to receive weekly market reviews and news updates which apply to all the plans available. You also get to receive weekly reports on trades and an account manager. Gold Account is the next available plan and the minimum trade amount is $50000.

The leverage is similar in all the accounts. However, the only variation with the first plan is the loan margin which is 35%.  You also get to receive daily market conditions review and progress report and an opportunity to work with a portfolio manager.

The gold account allows monthly sessions with alleged certified accountants and top-notch monitoring by their analysts. Platinum Account charges a minimum deposit of $100000 and offers a loan margin of up to 50%.

The investment plan allows access to weekly webinars and lives to stream. You are also promised weekly 1on1 with the alleged market analyst. Diamond Plan costs $250000 as the minimum tradable amount with customized education and daily market signals.

Corporate Account is the last plan under AgoraMarkets and the minimum trade amount limit is $1000000 the leverage in this plan is 1:400 and up to 100% margin loan. The traders get unlimited access to brokers and promise a higher profit on invested funds.

Hence you will be trusting anonymous forex brokers with your hard-earned money. Therefore to avoid unnecessary risks it is only wise that you invest with tried and tested forex brokers.

Funds Safety

AgoraMarkets does not reveal any whereabouts of the founders. Trusting shady unknown people with your money will only lead to massive losses. There is no banking information available and getting a refund is almost impossible.

AgoraMarkets Review, AgoraMarkets Features

There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals. Therefore this is only a major red flag that you should be cautious about. Transparency plays a major role in earning the trust of potential clients. sales pitch is poorly presented and lacks a lot of relevant information to earn the customers’ trust.

AgoraMarkets promises the best experience is felt by their customers when they trade with them. Automated trading services are mostly preferred over humans due to the inability to hold emotions. 

However, using the wrong ones might cause massive investment losses on your hard-earned funds. Dealing with regulated brokers on the other hand will generate reasonable returns on your money in terms of profit.

Regulations and Customer Support 

AgoraMarkets claims to be based in London Portman square 21, W1H6EF. Nevertheless, during our research in writing this unbiased review, we discovered the address is just made up and does not exist.

The FCA is the main regulatory body in London and does not recognize AgoraMarkets. Different countries have set up various measures to protect their citizens from scammers hence it is wise to invest with regulated forex brokers.

Regulated companies showcase a high level of transparency and you can easily find all the legit verifiable data. Pyramid Schemes will only provide working customer support until you deposit funds in their accounts.

Once you deposit funds you might be blocked from accessing any of their services and there is no refund policy. Dealing with unregulated forex brokers will only lead to massive investment losses.

The founders risk facing criminal prosecution and are probably the main reason they do not reveal any of their data. The company might not last in the market and may easily disappear with customers’ funds.

Final Verdict 

AgoraMarkets does not provide any form of customer support whatsoever which makes it difficult for clients to acquire assistance or refunds. Working contact support easily earns the trust of customers and shows reliability 

Newbie clients might easily fall for the catch and end up making unwanted losses. However, there are regulated forex brokers that will surely generate reasonable profits. 

There is no positive feedback regarding AgoraMarkets yet to recommend any of their services. Due to vast competition in the market scammers will always try to take advantage and you should be cautious of any red flag observed.

Moreover, despite the company promising higher returns, there is no transparency in their method of operation. The alleged expert analysts and account managers do not reveal any information about their experiences.

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