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I have a timeshare with Vida Vacations in Playa Del Carmen Cancun, Mexico. I was in the process of losing the timeshare when I received an E-mail from Agoda Corporation (email listed above).Agoda Corp initiated a preposition to buy my timeshare for $*********. Which means, I would profit and not lose monies. In order for my deed to be released they requested I pay $****** then once the timeshare was purchased I would recieve my $****** back and a little more.I then received an email from Attorney at Law. Richard Smith’s Paralegal, Charlotte Green. Her Email read, "We have been retained by AGODA Corp. to facilitate a resale of a membership for both Buyer and Seller. Attached you will find a contract pertaining to the negotiations held between Buyer and Seller. It is highly recommended to have a United States, bar certified Law Firm assist with any International resale transfers". I then received an email from Ramon Alba frorm Vidanta Resort (email: [email protected]) Requesting i make payment to Final beneficiary named “SETHON HS ESPECIALISTAS, SA DE CV”. Payment was received and I started to receive emails from SEGOB stating I need to pay $********* because of tax evasion and if I did not make payment I will face Prison time in a Mexican Prison. They were demanding I pay to Beneficiary Acct Name: SETHON HS ESPECIALISTAS, SA DE CVB, BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: MANUEL LOPEZ COTILLA 1216 COL DE VALLE DEL. BENITO JUAREZ CUIDAD DE MEXICO, C.P. 03100 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 072180003585761528. I reached out to William and Matthew at Attorney Richard Smith’s office (201)430-2304 and they suggested I pay Tax Evasion monies to avoid problem. This is when I finally reached out to my timeshare company Vida Vacations and they assured me this is all a fraud and no monies have been received for my deed.

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